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Listen to the Keynote Speakers

Gavriella Schuster

Worldwide Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

Brent Combest

US General Manager, Microsoft

Beth Cavanaugh

National Partner Sales Director, Microsoft

Listen to the Hall of Past Presidents

Justin Slagle

Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft | Founder of IAMCP SoCal

Ro Kolakowski

CEO, 6th Street Consulting | 2nd President of IAMCP SoCal

David Gersten

Microsoft Practice Manager, Dynamic Consulting LLC | 3rd President of IAMCP SoCal

Dave Seibert

CIO, IT Innovators | 4th President of IAMCP SoCal

Eric Klauss

CEO, Partner Source IT Solutions | 5th President of IAMCP SoCal

Network with the Microsoft VIP Attendees

Gavriella Schuster

WW Corp Vice President, Microsoft

David Smith

US Vice President, Microsoft

Brent Combest

US General Manager, Microsoft

Beth Cavanaugh

US Sales Director, Microsoft

Katie Ryckman

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Matt Soseman

Partner Technical Architect, Microsoft

Garrett Bundy

Azure Technical Training Director, Microsoft

Mario Duenas

Assistant Store Manager, Microsoft

Helane Cohen

US Go To Market Lead, Microsoft

Justin Slagle

Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Anila Baseel

US Partner Programs Manager, Microsoft

Eugene Chi

US Enterprise Commercial Sales Lead, Microsoft

Glenn Osako

Account Executive, Microsoft

Simona Fitzgerald

Enterprise Licensing Specialist, Microsoft

Anne Frith

Director Partner Experience USA, Microsoft

Aimee Hittinger

Technical Account Manager, Microsoft

Monika Vohra

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Melanie Gass

Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

Nikkia Carter

Microsoft Global Modern Workplace Tech Lead, Microsoft

Mike Karban

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Rodney Campbell

Data Center Optimization, Microsoft

Ross McKee

Senior Director of Partner Technology Strategy, Microsoft

Hannibal Scipio

Partner to Partner Engagement Strategy Lead, Microsoft

Hannah Linville

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Diana Ishak

Partner Marketing Manager, SMB Channels, Microsoft

Lauren Holland

Global Partner Marketing Advisor, Microsoft

Justin Sheedy

Partner Development Manager, MSP & Channel Development, Microsoft

Will McNae

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Josh Condie

Director, Partner Technology Team, Microsoft

Rachelle Blanchard

Microsoft Teams Program Manager, Microsoft

Emily Kirby

Microsoft Teams Program Manager, Microsoft

Joshua Shea

Senior Partner Development Manager, Microsoft

Allison Grimaldi

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Steve Soto

Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Kati Quigley

Senior Director, Marketing, Microsoft Business Applications & Global Industry

Adam Duffy

Business Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

David Pryor

Director, External Affairs, Microsoft

Events & Activies Listen, Learn and Make Connections

This two-part event showcases the best of IAMCP. During our speaker sessions, you'll listen to industry leaders talk about the value of Microsoft Partnerships and how to leverage them. Food, beverages and fun will be provided at the Anniversary Party following the sessions.

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Speaker Sessions

Anniversary Party

Schedule Details Event Schedule

9 AM - 12 PM Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions

Advanced Technical Track

  • How Microsoft deployed Microsoft Teams Internally to 180,000 Employees (Emily Kirby and Rachelle Blanchard, Microsoft Teams Engineering)
  • Taking Security to a New Level with Microsoft 365 Advanced Security (Matt Soseman, Microsoft Security Architect)

Partnering 101, Marketing, Business Track

  • Go-To-Market Services Available to Microsoft Partners (Helane Cohen, Microsoft Senior Marketing Advisor)
  • Creating a Demo Tenant for Any Microsoft Product - (Kevin Martins, Microsoft Partner Technical Architect)
  • Plays in a Box and Easy Play Buttons to Boost Your Business (Diana Ishak, Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager)
  • Microsoft Partner to Partner Collaboration Tools (Hannibal Scipio, Microsoft Global Partner to Partner Lead)
  • Turn Traffic Into Leads with Inbound Marketing (Gaby Ramirez, Content Director/COO at Human)

9 AM - 12 PM Invite Only Sessions

Microsoft Executive Roundtables

Invite only sessions for our VIPs! Engage in a small group setting (1:20 ratio) with the following Microsoft Executives:

12 - 1:30 PM Diversity & Inclusion Panel and Discussion

Diversity & Inclusion Panel and Discussion

Diversity & Inclusion Panel hosted by the WIT Network from 12-1:30pm: (Sarah Geoghegan, Chair of the WIT Network SoCal to lead the discussion)

All partners, sponsors and guests are invited to attend this session. This is a free session to members of the WIT Network, Women in Cloud and IAMCP even if they are not participating in our event. Lunch will be provided for all paid attendees and sponsors of the IAMCP Party.

Panelists will include:

  • Sarah Geoghegan, SoftwareOne (Host – the WIT Network SoCal Chair)
  • Rodney Campbell, Partner Development Manager, Microsoft
  • Seppy Aziad, Vice President, IT Governance at Korn Ferry (Microsoft Customer)
  • Dave Shah, Global IT Infrastructure Director at Skyworks (Microsoft Customer)
  • Heather Newman, CEO, Creative Maven (Microsoft Partner)
  • Beth Cavanaugh, US Sales Director, Microsoft

2 - 5 PM Speaker Sessions
5 - 6 PM VIP Reception

VIP Reception and Party

Must have a VIP ticket. Enjoy all of the benefits of being a true VIP at this special reception. Walk up on a red carpet and mix and mingle with the 40 Microsoft employees who want to celebrate YOU at this event. You will have special access to a VIP Concierge that ensures that you have everything that you need to get the most out of your experience. VIPs will also enjoy special gifts, drinks and extra raffle tickets for our prizes.

5 - 8 PM Partner Celebration

Partner Celebration and Expo

Enjoy food, beverages, live bands, games and more with fellow Microsoft Partners and executives.

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